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    Durham, NC, December 1, 2017 — ShopBot Tools has just introduced the latest innovation in the Handibot® Smart Power Tool product line, the Handibot Large Sheet Tool. It offers the same portability, precision, and reliable cutting, carving, machining, and milling capabilities as the Handibot Adventure Edition, but the Handibot Large Sheet Tool has the addition of a longer frame that clamps onto materials up to 24” wide. Customers can create large projects, in the field or in small workspaces, progressively sliding the long Handibot down the length of the material, allowing for efficient tiled cutting of bigger parts.

    This latest addition to the Handibot line of digital fabrication (CNC) tools comes directly from the team that designed and continues to evolve Handibot’s products. “We make tools in an iterative manner which allows us to continuously innovate, prototype, and test ideas,” says Brian Owen, Handibot’s lead engineer. Owen continues, “We also stay in close communication with our customers so that we can act on their suggestions and feedback. The Large Sheet Tool evolved from these conversations.”

    With a series of 24” wide operations, the Handibot Large Sheet Tool lets customers cut parts out of standard sized (48” x 24” sheets) materials readily available at local hardware stores. Like the Adventure edition, it is enabled with FabMo, the open source digital fabrication motion control system that simplifies CNC for the everyday user. The Handibot Large Sheet Tool is sold exclusively at Handibot.com for $3,995.

    The tool packs a punch and bridges the gap between smaller CNCs and full-size or bed oriented tools. “The Handibot Large Sheet Tool provides an exciting opportunity to get full power CNC technology into the hands of customers that might not have a large budget or significant space to work and/or store things, but want to work on large projects,” says Jeanne Taylor, ShopBot’s Director of Marketing. “This tool is ideal for everyone from educators to tiny-home owners to entrepreneurs. There’s hardly a limit to what you can make with this tool whether using wood, plastic, or soft metals.”

    ShopBot Tools launched the first Handibot smart power tools via a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, as part of its commitment to push CNC technology and innovation further faster. Customers not only benefit from the rapid evolution of the products and the expanding accessory line that supports the tools, but from the 20+ years of ShopBot’s experience and knowledge in the world of CNC and the growing digital fabrication market.

    About ShopBot

    ShopBot Tools celebrated its 20th year in 2016, and continues to live their mission of making digital fabrication tools widely accessible and user-friendly. ShopBot’s CNC routers deliver the power, precision, and reliability of tools costing thousands of dollars more.

    ShopBot is one of the largest producers of digital fabrication equipment for small-to-mid sized manufacturing, DIY, and education markets. The company also provides unmatched support for its user community, with forums, production support services and specialized training classes. All ShopBot tools are designed, built in and supported from ShopBot’s Durham, NC, headquarters.

    Contact:  Jeanne Taylor, ShopBot Tools, Inc.     888.680.4466       marketing@shopbottools.com


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    1. bill holmes
      December 11, 2017 at 6:31 pm

      I have a Handibot. I want the large sheet tool but cannot find the price.

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