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Congrats to Handibot team on v1.1 launch!

Posted by deagan492 
The v1.1 is up and orderable (I bought mine today!) as of 3/12/15. Congratulations to the Handibot team!! Getting a tool (hardware or software,) past the dot-zero release is a big milestone. In many ways, it's not until you're past dot-zero that you're really grounded as a product.

Kudos to ShopBot and Handibot for having such an open process. The team dev updates were fantastic and a breath of fresh air compared to the general world of product releases.

Well done! Onward to 2.0!!!!

Thanks for the kind words Tim. We're excited to finally be able to implement some of these changes that we've been thinking about for so long.

Handibot production was ramping up today as we're trying to fulfill all of the new orders that have come in while we were transitioning between model types (you never get a lull when you actually need it!) I've been racing to keep parts stocked as our guys in the shop have been so productive today (as you can see in the photo).

The next step will be, in the coming days, to work out the best way to provide upgrades for users of 1.0 handibots who want to take advantage of some of the new features here. We'll hopefully have more on that very soon!
open | download - Handibot 1.1 Production.JPG (556.6 KB)
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