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Warning when preforming V1.1 Upgrade

Posted by William 
Warning when preforming V1.1 Upgrade
May 02, 2015 07:16PM
I recently upgraded my Handibot with the V1.1 Upgrade Kit. I love the upgrade but had one minor problem when preforming it that I wanted to warn others about.
After getting the new front panel in place the instructions tell you to replace all the screws that you removed. When doing so please take caution when replacing the two screws near the vacumm exhaust tube. These two screws actually go all the way through the side panel into the vacuum tube to hold it in place. I was unaware of this when replacing my screws. My vacuum tube must have shifted slightly, because when I was tighten these screws I heard a crack. Upon further examination I noticed the screws had cracked my exhaust tube because it had shifted and it's holes not longer aligned with the side plate's holes. I'm sure if I would have been aware of this issue and taken the time to make sure the exhaust tube was aligned, this wouldn't have been a problem. Unfortunately the installation directions don't mention this.
Not a big deal I still love the upgrade. I just wanted to save someone else the frustration of cracking their exhaust port tube.
Love my Handibot,

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I've always thought that it was a little too clever to try to use the frame screws on the handibot to hold that tube in place--Joe, our assembly guy, has mastered the art of drilling those holes and placing the tube perfectly. I'm updating the document now to remind people to check for any shift in their vacuum tube while putting their handibot back together after the upgrade.
Also, I've got a replacement tube here ready to send over to you. I'll contact you through email to find out where to send it. Thanks for the feedback!

I checked out your update to these instructions. What you added covered my issue perfectly. Thanks for the great service. You guys obviously care about your customers.
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