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Motion Control Issue

Posted by ChadBuilds 
Motion Control Issue
June 24, 2015 09:11PM
I have one of the 1.0 HandiBots from the Kickstarter. I changed out my base for the new one that allows use of the indexing jig. I tried using it today for the first time since the swap (although I did jog it around briefly right after the swap and it seemed to be fine). I went to zero X and Y and it hit the X switch and kept driving to -X. I had to stop it to cease the attempted motion. I was able to jog it over and repeat the process and got the same result. This time I shut the machine down and manually moved it in +X. I then turned it on and tried to jog -X and it moved +X. All other motions are normal.

I did have to adjust the Y switch after the base swap because it was sitting too low and would have been sheared off by the new bracket. I was able to remove it and adjust it so that it was flush again.

Please let me know what I can do to troubleshoot. I have not touched the electronics or even opened up that area other than the switch mentioned above. Likewise if I should contact ShopBot directly let me know the best way to do so. Thanks!
Re: Motion Control Issue
June 25, 2015 01:29PM
If everything works but the handibot crashes on zero it is almost always (in my experience) a limit switch. You can easily check this.
With the control sw running manually push the switch. A virtual light just under the axis readouts should light up. If it doesn't, you have a bad switch or wiring.
If it does light up, slowly drive to the stop. Does it light now? If not, you need to adjust the spacing.
If everything works but still crash drives you have a internal problem and even I would be calling ShopBot.
Re: Motion Control Issue
June 25, 2015 03:04PM
Thanks Mark. I will give that a try. It is an intermittent issue. I played around with it and got it running enough that I trusted it to cut the part I needed. It seems to come and go though. It may be related to the y-axis switch that I removed, adjusted and replaced. I will have to check it and maybe get a replacement.
Re: Motion Control Issue
June 25, 2015 04:31PM
If it is the Y let me add that the handibot needs to be on a flat surface! There is just enough flex in our 1.0 machines that an uneven surface can cause this intermittently as you report.
Re: Motion Control Issue
July 01, 2015 08:46AM
Also let me add that in certain cases, when the tool has run too far into the negative on one axis, the software will only allow movement in the positive direction (in an attempt to get the tool back within its limits). If you find that your tool is not physically over its limits but is still only allowing movement in one direction, try zeroing that axis--this usually resolves the problem.
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