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My attempt at the Vectric cool cubes project

Posted by Marc 
My attempt at the Vectric cool cubes project
November 26, 2013 09:51PM
So I just discovered the Vectric projects. The Cool Cubes one looked like fun so I gave it a try.

I'll comment that I really like the way these files are setup using layers. There are a lot of good practices to learn from these, like marking hold downs and indexing positions.

Obviously it won't fit the HandiBot build area. I moved things around so that they were on tiles sized to 5" each. I also set registration holes for each tile in exactly the same place. This in combination with the indexing bed I made let me remove the HandiBot from the work piece, move it, then place the HandiBot back in position.

This is the backside done (I added a recess for the top piece inset).

Here is a view of one of the sides after flipping it over and running the profile cut.

And here it is assembled.

How'd it really turn out? Close but no cigar.

I'm not even sure it deserves glue. I might setup the router table to fix it. Or not.

Obviously with this the tiniest error can throw you off. What was my error here? I'm not sure yet, it could be variances in the material I wasn't watching or not being particular enough in my placement. I'm betting on a little of both with the latter being a major factor. I really wanted to see how well this worked in more casual use. As such I think it has promise. I'm going to give this project another try with MDF (this was hemlock I've had in the garage for a while). That should help with material variance side, then I'll also just be more careful in positioning.

I really want this one to work. I've got it in mind now to knock out a bunch of these for Christmas gifts. They're perfect for customizing the etching on the side for the recipient.

For tomorrow I think it's take a break and get some lathe time.
Re: My attempt at the Vectric cool cubes project
November 27, 2013 08:49AM
Good work, Marc.

It looks like you are having depth of cut issues more than anything. What are your Z move and jog speeds? What is your safe Z height? Are you zeroing Z at the top of the material? Roughly how much bit do you have exposed outside the router?

Re: My attempt at the Vectric cool cubes project
November 27, 2013 02:05PM
Coming from 3D printing I'm accustomed to all of these settings occurring in the slicing software, the settings in the control host are used for manual control but not in the job you run. As such I haven't been paying enough attention to the shopbot host software. Interactions between the spb file from VCarve and the host software are still an are I need to learn more about.

With that as a baseline, I see I have Move X/Y at 1.5 and Z at 1 in the ShopBot host software. Jog is 3 and .1 respectively, which explains why Z has been so slow on repositioning

Yes, I'm zeroing at the top of the material. I'm using the control pad to jog down and have a piece of paper under the bit. When I get a slight drag I set home there for Z.

For the 1/4" bit looks like I've got about 1 3/4" exposed. That's about 1/4" of the shank exposed per the user's guide.

If it is Z I'm guessing my material doesn't match the file, or I allowed it to sag or move somehow in my positioning jig. I may give this another shot and be more careful.
Re: My attempt at the Vectric cool cubes project
November 27, 2013 03:22PM
Hey Marc,

Be aware of the type of bit you use too. An upspiral bit can act like a screw and lift the material, causing cuts that are too deep. Especially if the material isn't firmly clamped in place, as happens when you're cutting at the end of a board or in thin material.

I tend to generally use straight flute bits when cutting with a handibot.

Re: My attempt at the Vectric cool cubes project
November 30, 2013 05:13PM
I measured these and sure enough it does look like the shoulder of the rabbit is about .05 deeper than it should be. The edges might be off a tad from repositioning the bot and the work piece, but I can't trust that as I unthinkingly sanded them. I went and grabbed some straight router bits to give this another go.
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