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Work Dimension Limitations of HB 2.0

Posted by Van Schooten201 
Work Dimension Limitations of HB 2.0
August 21, 2015 11:17PM
Curious what the working limitations will be for the 2.0?
Will it work 12 x 12'', 14 x 14'' or 16 x 16'' within it's frame?

Tools are like people...It takes time to get to know them.
Re: Work Dimension Limitations of HB 2.0
August 22, 2015 03:10AM
Most likely it will not be much if any bigger as shopbot will be looking at backward compatibility with 1.x accessories and such. Also being much bigger would go against its design philosophy.

What will be different is the changes from kickstart up through 1.1 are all small changes built on the same frame. 2.0 will be more than a collection of improvements it will be a rewrite of all that has been learned plus we will get fabmo motion control which will be a huge improvement in my opinion.

You can glean a lot from the blog on where 2.0 is going.
Thanks Mark, I knew that ShopBot is the industry leader...

Getting a response to my question at 2:00 in the morning,
took my respect to another level.

I admire the abilities of both Handibot and the Desk Top models
and trying to see where my projects fit-in.

I want to work materials that are a minimum of 12 x 12".
Can I achieve this with the HB in one setting?
Re: Work Dimension Limitations of HB 2.0
August 23, 2015 03:19PM
I want to be clear if it is not, I am not a Shopbot employee, just one of handibots biggest fans.

The 2 am thing is just the weird hours I keep.

Now, the current Handibot cuts 6x8", it can be indexed for practical cuts, I do it all the time, but if your plans are for something artistic or a production run of something that doesn't fit this I really think you would be better off going with the desktop if you can afford it.
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