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Software arrived

Posted by Mark Evans 
Software arrived
September 24, 2013 08:54PM
Software arrived yesterday, means wheels are turning! No tutorial so I have no idea how the parts interact but at least I can be getting up to speed with vcarve.
Re: Software arrived
October 08, 2013 05:11PM
Got my hardware today!
Tried installing software from the thumbdrive. The printed manual says that Partworks 3D is supposed to be installed, but I am only seeing ShopBot3, ShopBot Editor, and VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition, no PartWorks 3D. Is anyone else experiencing this?
Re: Software arrived
October 08, 2013 05:43PM

Sorry for any confusion. Our Kickstarter orders do not include Cut 3D; we included information about it in our manual in case anyone wanted to upgrade their software to include it. We've revised the wording in that section of the manual to make this more clear.

Thank you for being a part of the Handibot community!

Re: Software arrived
October 31, 2013 07:41PM
I would like to upgrade my software to include it. Is it really an additional $800 plus when including tax? Do you have a discount program for us early adopters? Just hoping.
Re: Software arrived
November 06, 2013 10:58AM
@ Tim,

Cut 3D retails for $299 from Vectric. We are willing to offer it at a discount to our Kickstarter backers who pledged for a Handibot only. So if you want to call us, we can sell Cut3D for $240.

Re: Software arrived
November 07, 2013 02:04AM
Vectric offers a variety of tutorials for VCarve at:


You can also find a walk-thru project I did for Instructables last year using VCarve and a ShopBot to create a lighted holiday lawn/house ornament. It's a bit large for a handibot (though the software's tiling feature should be able to handle this easily). It includes lots of screen shots to help show yet another way of using VCarve to quickly whip up a project, how to create the tool paths, etc. For more info, see:

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