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Did handibot make it to the bay area Maker Fair this year?

Posted by Mark Evans 
And if so, what new and exciting things got introduced?

ShopBot and Handibot are taking a year off from most of the big shows in order to prepare for a few special events in recognition of ShopBot's 20th anniversary. So we only had a couple of folks visit San Mateo as observers.

I will say that we're working on some new and very interesting things...but I'm going to hold back on details for now until everything is firmed up a little more! With the release of Handibot 2 I've been able to settle into a pretty good rhythm of managing production and developing new products; so I'm hoping to have a faster release cycle for upcoming things.

Well I'm a little disappointed but you have given me hope for further announcements. Early congrats on twenty!
Thanks Mark! Hopefully you've received your new tool by now and will have some interesting feedback for us soon.
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