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Some setting issues when working in metric

Posted by Davidlhh 
I just received my Handibot 2.0 and its a wonderful piece of engineering.
My first cut (test file) completely successfully using the default (imperial) settings under the new web-based Fabmo App.
Since I am schooled using the metric system, I was happy that Handibot has this feature.
Unfortunately after switching to metric, all manual movements (X, Y, Z) are moving slowly as compared the imperial setting.
When I compared the imperial vs. the metric in the configuration setting, all of them has been multiplied with a constant of 25.4 except for the Junction Acceleration which remains at the value of 0.2. There is no improvement even when I changed it to 5 mm/min2.

For your advice on what should I do to use Metric setting.


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In the configurations menu--click the tab for "machine". There you'll find the speed values for manual movements. Unfortunately the change from in to mm does not alter these values currently. I've made the software team aware of this so that they might be able to fit that into the next update. for now, just enter a value of 75 for x/y speed and 25 for z

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