Index Jig question
May 24, 2016 09:58AM
I can't wait for my Handibot 2.0 to arrive, but I have a question about the indexing jig.

I've found about every video I can on the thing and watched it a bunch of times, and I've heard mention the indexing jig just isn't very accurate the further out you get from the start point (which makes sense).

On every video I can find where people have used it, they always start from the far left and work their way to the right side. Wouldn't it be more accurate to start in the middle of the project and work to the left/right? You have less movements from the origin and less room for error/line up issues I'm thinking?

I was just wondering if anyone ran into the same issues using it this way.

Re: Index Jig question
May 24, 2016 04:39PM
You are 100% correct that you do not have to run left to right or bottom to top. That said, the errors don't tend to be cumulative so I have found no accuracy advantage to going out of order. It is totally fine to go in any order you want if you find other advantages though. I have done a few large projects that just didn't have any cuts in some tiles so I would make a map and skip those all together.

The best workflow I have found for large projects is to isolate the detail work and let the handibot cut that and cut long straight cuts with a saw. For instance, if you want to cut a end table top that is rectangular, cut it on a table saw and then jig it up and let the handibot radius the corners and cut inlays for the legs.
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