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Some Handibot-cut jig parts in Github

Posted by Bill Young 
Some Handibot-cut jig parts in Github
December 03, 2013 02:50PM
I've just uploaded a couple of VCarve files to Github that might be useful to get you started cutting your own jigs and fixtures. They are in the "Accessories" folder under "Handibot Cut".

The first is a 3-part fence that's puzzle jointed together and bolts to a Handibot through the two front holes in the base. It gives you an accurate y=0 reference, and the center section is replacable and reversible if it gets cut into by your bit. There are pockets for 1/4-20 t-nuts that you can use to mount the fence using flat-head bolts. It's cut out of 1/2" plywood with a 1/4" bit zeroed at the top of the material.

The second is a set of indexing blocks that let you accurately move a Handibot along a long fence. They connect with the same puzzle joint so that they can be assembled into rows and let you cut larger things, by tiling 5" in X and 7" in Y. A Sketchup model of the system is in the 3dWarehouse. They're also cut out of 1/2" plywood with a 1/4" bit.

The idea for these is that they could be used to make more elaborate and permanent jigs and fixture, using just a Handibot...hopefully you'll find them useful.

Re: Some Handibot-cut jig parts in Github
December 22, 2013 08:15PM
thanx for the models, the Guage blocks is the same Idea I had but better as you have added the interlock.

You did these in SketchUp, is there a way to convert them to Vcarve or do I need to take the ideas and start from scratch?


Never mind, I found the other post!

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Re: Some Handibot-cut jig parts in Github
January 03, 2014 01:02AM
I tried these. Anyone else?

I need to do them again in better quality ply to confirm my observations, I used low quality stuff while ferreting out other issues. The main thing I noticed is the fit side to side on the puzzle fit index parts pinches giving a bit of deflection. A little sanding seems to do the trick though. The fit on the 0 fence is a bit loose though. Those are side to side, but they are cut up and down on the bot seeming consistent with the observation on the other pieces. Not sure what to make of that. I also noticed the actual Y 0 point is anywhere from 1/8th to 1/16th from the actual fence. I think that's from variance in play and not being careful enough to keep it consistent. Next thing will be to cut a back fence to properly trap the work which I expect will resolve that.

I also cut out an X index block as I'd like to know where that start position is as well. I measured with a test cut that it should be 5 7/8th, but cutting a block out of that size I found the same 1/8th to 1/16th difference seen on Y. So maybe something with limit positions and bit diameter, not sure yet.

I was able to get through one tiled job today that was within a 16th of spec on the X. Very difficult to jig and cut though. So far tiling is really a pain.
Re: Some Handibot-cut jig parts in Github
January 03, 2014 01:39AM
I did the jigsaw blocks in salvaged wood and everything came out to dead on in x and withing a 32nd in y. I am looking fwd to building more and better jigs as I am convinced jigs are the key to making the handibot supper useful.
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