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Handibot stepper motor speed issues. HELP!

Posted by KC 
Handibot stepper motor speed issues. HELP!
June 15, 2016 08:45PM
Howdy guys!
I’m new to the shopbot community, and so far I find the insight from all of you very handy on this forum. I just started running the little machine for my dad’s lumber company about 2 months ago and really love the little guy!
Here’s the problem, I recently had a glitch on my shop computer to cause the handibot to obviously pause in its current project, when i resumed my project moments later I noticed that it wasn’t cutting anywhere near as fast as it did on previous runs. It still works totally fine but it seems as if it likes to take its time. I have yet to reinstall the software due to me always needing to use it, but was just seeing if any of you other Botters had a similar issue.

Thanks in advance!

I take it you are running a 1.x? Sounds like the profile file got messed up. Go to full mode if that is not the way you already run and check your speeds under the Values menu. (VS) If they have gotten bumped down, set them as appropriate and then save the profile in case it ever happens again. (US) Profiles are a good idea anyway in case you change something and now things are not working right you can reload to what was working.

I'd also recommend making sure that you're updated to the latest version of the software: [www.shopbottools.com]

We identified a problem in the past where tools would go into a ramp (slowing down before changing direction) but not re-set their speed when coming out of the corner. I believe that the latest version of the software has patched this error. It was very rare to begin with (I use these tools every day and have only seen it twice) but it sounds like that might have been what happened to your tool.
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