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DeWalt DW611 questions

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DeWalt DW611 questions
September 30, 2013 02:35PM
Thanks for the status update and information about the DW611. As an eager early adopter I immediately checked out the Precision Bits website. Now I have two questions:

1. Precision sez

"These routers will not work with continuity style
touch-off gages used for setting tool height!!"

May I ask how the Handibot zeroes Z?

2. Does the Handibot actually include a Precision collet, or are they optional for users needing the precision?
Re: DeWalt DW611 questions
September 30, 2013 06:45PM
1)no idea, want to know myself.
2)I think it is a stock router, the cotlet would be ordered from precision?
Re: DeWalt DW611 questions
October 01, 2013 08:58AM
I picked up my Handibot last week while I was at Shopbot for training.

Currently you zero Z using a piece of paper as a feeler gage. You place a piece of paper on the work surface and lower Z down until the bit just catches the paper and then use the software to set z to zero. This doesn't take much time and works well. X and Y are zeroed using a built in routine that uses the limit switches installed on the X and Y axes.

I think Shopbot is working on a Z zero plate option similar to what they use on their other CNC routers. Handibot uses the same control card as the other machines so it is already capable to work with a Z-zero plate and the z zero plate routine is part of the Shopbot 3 software.

If what Precise Bits says is correct then that means ground isn't available at the bit through the router. I'll check my router tonight. Shopbot's z-zero plate used on their other tools is an aluminum plate that is wired back to the control card. I believe Z zero uses Input 1 on the control card. If ground isn't available at the bit then you can use an alligator clip wired to Handibot ground to clip directly onto the bit or collet. So when the bit touches the aluminum z zero plate the circuit is complete and the software will know it touched the plate. I plan to start making a z-zero plate this weekend.

The Precise Bits collets are an aftermarket product and are not included with the Handibot. The Dewalt router has the stock collet which should be sufficient for most users. I had a chance to take a look at the Precise Bits kit at Shopbot and must say the collets are high quality. One more item to add to my list!
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