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Manual Update Procedure

Posted by Zeeri 
Manual Update Procedure
August 08, 2016 11:00PM

What is (or where is) the procedure for manually updating the Fabmo software on the handibot? My problem is that my connection to the internet is not incredibly reliable, so large downloads are often corrupted unless I used specialized software to download from my off site servers. Add to that the weak antenna on the handibot (in my experience/opinion) and it makes updating it challenging using the web / automatic interface.

Re: Manual Update Procedure
August 09, 2016 08:11AM

I was actually thinking about this yesterday. I've got a couple of users that I've helped get back to the old version of the software. I'm hoping that we will be able to work out a simpler update process. We have a single step update now...but it still requires being on the network. I'll check in again today and see where we stand on that idea.

Re: Manual Update Procedure
August 09, 2016 01:02PM
Thanks for the reply Brian.

Here is some more input - my experience with a failed update. My failed update (updated via the Handibot web configuration page) caused me to be unable to connect to the Handibot web server again. I tried many things, including pressing the little black button on the side of the Edison card. Unfortunately none of these things allowed me to reconnect, and the Handibot firmly refused to start up in AP mode. After a lot of hunting on this forum, I came across the tip to connect on port 81 to the Handibot, so I did and I am now able to continue the update process. Unfortunately I now appear to be in an infinite loop of update, finish update link, then update again.... It says each update is successful, but I'm not sure if it is stuck, or if it is just applying a lot of updates and will someday finish. Some feedback would be really nice on this update page - such as which update it is applying. That way I see some progress - or lack of it.

What would be nice is an easy to find page on the Handibot.com site for downloading the firmware/software (maybe the page exists - but I haven't found it), and a method of uploading it via USB, ethernet, card, or some wifi procedure that doesn't depend on being able to access the usual control site (or a procedure to get back to that in the event of a failed firmware update).
Re: Manual Update Procedure
August 09, 2016 02:42PM
Apparently the updates were doing something. I finally got tired of clicking the link and rebooted the Handibot. When I got back to the site on port 81 (80 still is not working), the UI had changed significantly - with a lot more information and control over the update process. While it is a lot of fun exploring an undocumented system, I imagine this may be frustrating to some.
Re: Manual Update Procedure
August 09, 2016 02:57PM
So I am as certain as I can be that I am running 1.2.0 of the software. I updated successfully to 1.2 - but there isn't any notification on the update page that I can see as to what I currently am running. Showing a version number on the firmware and software in the info page might be nice.

I did not update the firmware since the page warns that doing so unnecessarily is not without risk.

Unfortunately I cannot access the main dashboard still. Going to port 80 (or clicking the link to the dashboard from the update site) shows me a "refused to connect" error in the browser. The console (on the 81 port site) doesn't show any error information.

I assume FMU update is the manual update procedure that I was asking for earlier. Thanks winking smiley

A few other thoughts slightly off topic:

Updating the updater is nice - but it warns of a failed update requiring a factory reset without providing any information on this procedure. The information should be provided here in my opinion so that the user can be prepared prior to becoming desperate.

What happens if the firmware update fails? Is there a way to choose the version of the firmware and find out what version is currently used so that the process isn't so opaque? Even better would be links to documentation on each version so I can make a semi-informed decision.
Re: Manual Update Procedure
August 09, 2016 03:03PM
I also tried the development version (head) for the software.

It has the same issue with not being able to access the dashboard.

It did have an error compiling one of the optional components (node-gyp), but reported overall success.
Re: Manual Update Procedure
August 09, 2016 06:57PM
Hi Zeeri,

If it is not too late and you can get back to the "Updater" window ...

- From the left-side panel select Firmware Updates, and initiate the update. The update should happen relatively quickly with lots of feedback.
- Check to make sure the blue LED on the Control Card is blinking at about 4 sec intervals; normal function.
- Pick "System" from the left-side panel and click Stop Engine and then Start Engine ... no real feedback here.
- Now you should be able to "Go to Dashboard" from the left panel and get back to your tool.

*If that all works I'll explain why ...

We're working on a self-contained "full_update.fmu" that will not require a network connection once downloaded to your device ...


Ted Hall, Handibot/ShopBot
Re: Manual Update Procedure
August 09, 2016 11:08PM
Thank you for the reply Ted.

I just finished running the firmware update prior to seeing your response. I also ran the factory reset earlier in an attempt to get it working. After running them both I wanted to make sure the software was still up to date so I re-ran the 1.2.0 update. Fortunately after all of that it is working properly again - I can get to the dashboard. Unfortunately it wiped out the original set of macros and apps (I didn't have anything customized). How do I go about re-adding those?
Re: Manual Update Procedure
August 10, 2016 12:52AM
I used the fix described here to restore my macros and apps to factory original. Things are back to business as usual now. Thanks for the help.
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