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Lateist Firmware and B Axis

Posted by Mark Evans 
Lateist Firmware and B Axis
September 30, 2016 03:12AM
I am up and running with the latest firmware, Saturday I hope to be using the B/rotary axis. I found and enabled it, is there any setting other than enabling that I need to set to get going with the rotary indexer?


Re: Lateist Firmware and B Axis
October 11, 2016 05:52PM
Hey Mark,

I think we've already spoken about this over phone or email but just for everyone else's information...new fabmo updates do make the 4th axis work more like how we had intended it to (and how it has worked in ShopBot software in the past). To enable, go to the configuration menu and select the axis tab--there you'll find the drop downs to enable the B axis and define it as rotary. Under the channels tab you should make sure that Channel 5 has the correct unit values for the rotary axis (33.3333 steps/unit)

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