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Handibot accessory info

Posted by Dave T 
Handibot accessory info
October 10, 2016 11:36PM
Once again, I'm considering buying a Handibot (that Shaper thing is a bit of a blunt weapon and won't have international release anytime soon).

I was checking out the handibot accessories and can't find any info on how they work, apart from a few photos on the shop site and a jargon filled description.
Are there any videos out there showing how these accessories are used?

Apart from a chap who has been recently posting some great 'how to' videos, there is precious little into out there. These videos he made were informative and the motivated me to comment and ask questions.

The whole 'we are bright guys and customers will magically gravitate towards us' might be ok for people who have experience with CNC but this isn't helping the newbie crowd make any decisions.

I thought it was interesting how meny videos Shaper posted on their 'yet to be released' product and pretty much had me reaching for my wallet.
How long has the Handibot been available and there is still very little info on how these things work. Youtube should be filled with content!!!

My first project is going to be cutting picture frames using some of those novel corner joint designs that were floating around the internet a while back. It's just strips of wood but there is a good chance they will be longer then the Handibot cutting area.
The description in the 'accessory base' product mentions longer material in the 'y' axis. How does that work? How do you register the material?

If you want potential customers that aren't in the CNC biz, you guys need to send someone out the back of the shop with a Gopro, and just make stuff. lots of stuff! Video it and show everyone what the Handibot can do.

At least show us how the accessories work.
Re: Handibot accessory info
October 10, 2016 11:58PM
YouTube popped up this vid...

Which shows me how the pieces are put together, but how does on then use them with a job?
Re: Handibot accessory info
October 11, 2016 12:11AM
In this vid...


We're shown how the reg rails are made, but there is heaps of info left out.
Did he use a stad Handibot or did he use any of the accessories?
Kinda cute that the Handibot dragged the material though the work area. Can this technique be used by anyone? How does it work?
Could I use this 'dragging manoeuvre' to make the picture frame components.

The thing about picture frames is that they are stupid expensive. The hardest thing is getting the lengths and corners exactly true. I can't be the only one that would like to save some dosh and make them myself.
Shaper shows potential customer how to make a computer desk. Handibot should choose some things that everyone wants to do and show us how to do them using the Handibot.

Doesn't have to be picture frames. Christmas is coming up. How about a vid showing how one can make a childs toy with the Handibot?
Re: Handibot accessory info
October 11, 2016 01:52AM
Went for a walk to think about this picture frame thing and I got to thinking about the price difference between Handibot and Shaper Origin.

Bit more then two grand retail buys you injection moulded case, colour screen, imaging cameras, variable speed spindle, high end image rec software, and built in dust extraction systme or...
Almost three grand buys you CNC cut plastic case, DeWalt 'off the shelf spindle', and stripped down Vcarve pro, and built in dust extraction system.

OK, this is a bit harsh but I can't work out where the delete button is???

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Re: Handibot accessory info
October 11, 2016 02:06AM
Why I'm 'banging on' about the videos, is that I look at Shaper and I think 'wow, I could be producing stuff with in five minutes'.
Where as, I look at the Handibot and think 'I'm going to need six months playing with this thing before I can even move to making anything useful'.
Re: Handibot accessory info
October 11, 2016 12:03PM
I am not staff, but I am the Handibots most vocal fan.
Let me cover what I can in the few min. before I have to run.

The shaper looks like a great project; I have one on order. It will be great for cutting out flatpack furniture and such. Its downside is that it is 2d, it will only cut at one depth per pass. For some things, this matters not, for others it is a major drawback.

The handibot comes with Vcarve Pro, it is a full version but is only usable with Shopbot products.

The handibot will cut true 3d, that is working all three axes at the same time, it will even work four axes with the rotary indexer. This is how I use mine most of the time; it is like having a 3d printer for wood.

Self-promotion is NOT Handibots forte but there is lots of info out there for those who will look. Check out my G+ group simply called Handibot owners.
Re: Handibot accessory info
October 11, 2016 07:04PM

I know that I've definitely spent a lot of time perusing Shaper's marketing and admiring their style. I do get the impression that Shaper and Handibot are unique businesses with different goals. Those goals drive the decisions that we make and our admittedly, occasionally wacky goals can result in some things that really excite some people while leaving others scratching their heads.

One thing that handibot will never be is exceedingly polished--and this is by design. It's intentional that there are no injection molded parts, or cast metal or die cut packaging on the handibot. In fact I'm thinking of replacing the L shaped metal brackets that hold the handles in place because that part requires an extra tool (press break) to fabricate.

I hope that the handibot will be considered one of the most useful CNC tools on the market one day--but it is also an example of what can be created with the same technology that it enables! For the few parts that I can't make on a CNC (rails, motors, router) I try to use things that are more commonly available and less customized. Hopefully one day we sell enough tools that we need partners in production around the world and they'll be able to set up their own shops without too much up front investment.

The financial model is often to create a value to the customer by leveraging volume to bring component costs down lower than what the customer would be able to buy them for on their own. That volume/cost curve is a lot more flat for the handibot and we're hoping to provide a model for creating a fun and satisfying business that is easy to scale. Right now, handibots are built by two guys (I usually build all the accessories so they can focus on handibots) in a 1500 sqft shop with probably about $15000 worth of tools (Desktop Max from ShopBot, router table, heater bar for bending acrylic, electronics equipment, drill press a bunch of shelves). It's all pretty exciting to me that we can ship all over the world from our little shop.

As for videos, they take a lot of work but I’m definitely looking forward to doing more—the response has been great so far. I try to choose projects for the videos that are personal to me (this helps insure that I actually get them done!) and also informative about some feature of the tool, software or accessory. Take a look at them here if you haven’t already had a chance: [www.youtube.com]

I try to keep the videos relatively "real time" especially when doing things in CAD/CAM. I just record myself doing them at the pace that I would normally work, and then go back and narrate my work. I want them to be very "what you see is what you get" as far as time investment and learning curve. I'll even leave my mistakes in the videos because they're often a great jumping off point for explaining other things about the tool.

All that said--I would really like to put together more information that would be helpful for you and others. I always tell people that I want handibot to be everyone's first CNC--the one that helps them get into the world of digital fabrication. So anything that is of interest to you is probably on the minds of hundreds of other people as well.


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Re: Handibot accessory info
October 13, 2016 09:43AM
Thanks for posting the 6 Handibot videos on YouTube, Brian! Those are very helpful and inspiring.
Please post more, and include some more elementary ones for CNC newbies.
Just get any bystander with a smartphone to video you doing your thing...Does not have to be highly produced and edited.
My current request: V-bit carving of large designs requiring tiling!

Re: Handibot accessory info
October 13, 2016 10:33AM
Thanks Steve! I've been working on a project to cut some trail signs for a parks group in Durham--it involves tiling the job along an 8' board. Hopefully can put that video together soon!
I've got a few handfuls of accessory orders to catch up on after being on the road for a couple of weeks. So hopefully I can knock those out today and get back to video stuff!
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