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A source for the HDPE used in building the Handibot

Posted by gclayton 
I was looking through the documentation of the cut files and other PDF files for cutting the various parts of the Handibot and would like to get a description and a source for purchasing the HDPE used in building the Handibot.

Can anyone recommend a good source to purchase a small order of HDPE material?
Well, we purchase ours from a local company called Sabic...however they only sell in full 5' x 10' sheets. To get individual small sheets, I've used the inventables store in the past: [www.inventables.com]
I buy from Norva Plastic in Norfolk Virginia, They ship all over the world and are great folks to deal with.

If you just want a little bit you might look a hdpe cutting board blanks. Lots of plastics suppliers sell them, as well as Amazon. That said, there are lots of grades of HDPE so you take your chances with cheap cutting board planks.

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