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ALERT: Changing to Screen Names for Forum posts

Posted by Handibot Admin 
We are getting ready to change over the "author" of posts on Handibot forum to be listed with registered screen names instead of First name Last name. This change will offer more consistency to how users are identified throughout the site. Making this change will change all existing forum posts to relate to the authors screen name instead of first and last names.

Many of you use your first name as your screen name - be aware that you may want to edit your screen names to be more unique so other users can quickly identify you. To edit your screen name go to your account information tab at Handibot.com (top right of page) - on the drop down menu select Edit Profile.

Thanks for your participation in the Handibot Forum and App Idea submission area!

With questions or other website related issues feel free to email: Admin@Handibot.com
We've made the switch to display screen names instead of first and last names. There are MANY screen names that are not unique. Please edit your profile and make sure your screen name is UNIQUE.

New sign-ups at Handibot.com will be required to have unique screen names.

Um, HOW do we edit our profile? I can't find link to do that.
tonyv Wrote:
> Um, HOW do we edit our profile? I can't find link
> to do that.

At the top-left corner of this page, there should be a link that says, "Go Back to handibot.com"

Click on that link (right-click and open it in a new tab so you can keep these directions open if needed).

Once you get back to handibot.com's main page (NOT the forum's page), look in the top-RIGHT corner for a popup menu that currently has your name…

Click on that popup menu and the second item from the bottom should be, "Edit Profile"….click that.

A small window will come up on top of the current page and the last text field in that window will be, "Screen Name".

Change your screen name as needed and click on the "Save" button…

Hope that helps.
Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum.