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Vcarve Clip Art

Posted by John Beatty 
Vcarve Clip Art
December 16, 2016 08:13AM
I read in the research of the Handibot that Vcarve comes with clip art. If this is the case how do I access it?

Re: Vcarve Clip Art
December 16, 2016 10:00AM
I'm not sure about the Handibot version (as I also own V-carve apart from the Handibot) but my clipart was available from Vectric.

If you have a user account portal at vectric.com - you can download your software and clipart - plus any other purchases you may have made.

I don't know if this helps at all - but I would check on vectric's website and see if there is a way to get a portal account.
Re: Vcarve Clip Art
December 16, 2016 10:21AM
If you have bought a new handibot and thus have the latest version of Vcarve, there is a tab for clip art in the left design plain. If you are brand new to Vcarve I'd suggest going to the Vetric site and working through some of their training.
Re: Vcarve Clip Art
December 16, 2016 09:13PM
I am familiar with the software I think I have watched every video available. I have read where the clip art is on the CD the software was on but, it no longer comes on CD. I have read elsewhere that you need to log into Vcarve site to download. I do not have the required credentials to log in.

I have downloaded some sample and they all show in the tabs you mentioned.

Thanks, John
Re: Vcarve Clip Art
December 17, 2016 01:50AM
Okay, John, took some head scratching on my part but I got it for you.

Go to the original email you got on downloading Vcarve and in it there are links. If you don't have that email, call or email handibot and they can provide the information again.
Re: Vcarve Clip Art
December 17, 2016 09:02AM
Looks like I may have to do that. My download instructions did not come via email. It was printed and shipped and no link to art.

Re: Vcarve Clip Art
December 18, 2016 11:47AM

I'll check in with Andy first thing on Monday about the email. Things are a bit hectic with people being in and out for the holidays and one of the other sales guys at ShopBot might have handled your order and not realized that the extra email was needed. We'll get it straightened out!

Re: Vcarve Clip Art
May 12, 2017 12:39PM
I have the same problem as John. I bought my Handibot over a year ago but for health reasons I haven't managed to get to it until now.
I have the software up and running and done the initial videos but I don't have the clip art. My info like user name and license code was printed and shipped to me. I don't remember how I downloaded the software but the webpage on [www.shopbottools.com] setup.exe where I should download it
looks really weird and I don't seem to be getting anywhere there trying to log in with username and password. To make things more complicated, I don't have the same mail address as I had when I bought the Handibot.
Please recommend next step so I can get registered. at Vcarve.
Johan Eklund
johan.eklund098@gmail.com or 5024393759
Re: Vcarve Clip Art
May 30, 2017 04:55PM
To get to the clipart--try this address [www.shopbottools.com]

It is the main directory for software--same user name and password listed in the manual will get you there. You can download the whole clipart package or just individual pieces as desired.

User manual is being updated to make this more clear!

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