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HELP machine down

Posted by rasbldrs 
HELP machine down
December 26, 2016 12:14PM
I was just cutting the sample bit holder and the machine just stopped 96% done. Now I can not even turn it on. on the card in the back there is no blue light just a red light that blinks for a second and then nothing Help...
Re: HELP machine down
December 26, 2016 01:03PM
Before we try to diagnose any components--it would be worth checking to make sure that everything is securely plugged in. The cables for your fabmo card are easy to access if you remove the electronics cover. First, unplug your tool--The red T-handle allen wrench that came with your tool will be able to remove the screw holding the electronics cover in place. Check that none of the cables attached to the fabmo card are loose (the fabmo card is the smaller circuit board that extends perpendicular from the larger circuit board mounted to the tool.) It would be worth checking that first--and seeing if the tool powers up.
Re: HELP machine down
December 26, 2016 01:05PM
Everything is tight?
Re: HELP machine down
December 26, 2016 01:23PM
is there a number to call for support?
Re: HELP machine down
December 26, 2016 01:33PM
So, when you power your tool on--a couple of things will happen. First there's an LED on the power supply that lights up (deep in the electronics enclosure, the silver box will have a light on the lower left corner) this lets you know the power supply is working. Second, the LEDs on the bottom of the tool will turn on. Then, you'll hear a little jolt as the motors power on--and at this point you shouldn't be able to manually push the axes on the tool around because the motors will be holding the tool in position. Once all of this happens, the fabmo card will boot up and provide the wifi connection.

Are you seeing any of these things happen when you power your tool on? Checking that the motors are powered on is the easiest and usually most telling.
Re: HELP machine down
December 26, 2016 01:34PM
If you want to send me your phone number in a private message, I'll give you a call--
Re: HELP machine down
December 27, 2016 03:19PM
I would just like to update everyone on the forums on what transpired after I PM Brian. The staff at shopbot were fantastic. Brian face timed me and we were able to find the problem. unfortunately for me it was the Power Supply. Brian tried to over night it yesterday to me but fed ex was closed. So hopefully tomorrow I will be back up and practicing. I want to again shout out to these guys for the patience to guide me though the steps and come up with a solution THANK YOU smileys with beer
Re: HELP machine down
December 27, 2016 04:01PM
I know, right? I don't know of any other company that does things like Shopbot. To whatever degree I can afford to they will always be my CNC company.
I have never talked to anyone in either building that was not super helpful.

I/we are looking forward to seeing what you can make with this great tool.

Re: HELP machine down
December 28, 2016 11:42AM
Glad we could help! Let me know if you want a little help installing the new part once it arrives.
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