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V-carving issue

Posted by CL 
V-carving issue
December 29, 2016 01:38AM
I ran a relatively deep V-carve toolpath, and got a line near the top. I did 4 numbers (a friend requested a plank with 2016 in comic sans because both deserve to be burnt in effigy), and each had the line shown in the picture [goo.gl]. I ran each number as a separate toolpath so I could shift the board each time. I had to abandon the first attempt due to a hold-down issue, and it happened there pre-issue as well. It's likely operator/hold-down error, but I thought I'd see if anyone might know specifically what'd cause it. Thanks!
Re: V-carving issue
December 29, 2016 01:56AM
That line is just an artifact from Vcarving deeper than the bit goes. You can either accept that that is going to happen and sand it out or get a bigger V bit.
One other thing you can do is set your max depth just shallower than the bits capacity. This will give a whole different look with flat bottoms but you can see if you like it in the preview after tweaking the settings.
Re: V-carving issue
December 29, 2016 06:27AM
Just as mark said - set a flat depth to your V-carve. If you are using solid wood - you usually don't want your carving too deep anyway or it can warp on you.

Also - if it drastically increases your cut time, use the large area clearance tool. It will require a bit change - but you will find it cuts much faster than V-bit alone.

However, in my personal experience, the more you can get away with a normal V-bit the better. A larger 90 degree bit may be the best option.
Re: V-carving issue
December 29, 2016 07:52AM
Ah, good to know! For this, we decided cutting as deep as possible was ok, since he wants it to burn as easily as possible. I will keep that in mind for future projects, thank you! This is the final result: [goo.gl]
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