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News on Upgrade Program?

Posted by E Furie 
News on Upgrade Program?
December 30, 2016 01:57AM
Hi all,

Quick question for the Handibot folks: I realize it's been a busy period between Ted's blog posting in late October and now, including the holiday rush, but was curious if there was any further word about the Handibot upgrade program? Is that linked to the extended Y-axis timeline or are they separate? I'm definitely interested in both, and I know Brian is working feverishly on the extended Y unit among other things, but was starting to wonder if they're going to be far apart in time if it makes more sense to upgrade to the V2.0 unit and wait for the extended base when available.

Just thought I'd ask.


Re: News on Upgrade Program?
December 30, 2016 10:26AM
Hi Eric,

The extended Y and the upgrade program are separate things. The upgrade program is a matter of me figuring out how the financial system will deal with the pricing (rebate on returned tool, discount...etc) and making sure that it will fit into our production process. I've got Lee and Earl building handibots full time while I handle accessories--the upgrade process (disassembling a handibot 1 and building it into a handibot 2) may be something I don't want to distract them with--they're doing so well at getting tools out the door. So, depending on the demand, it may be something I will be doing...so I may be procrastinating because I'm already short on time to finish other promised projects as it is.

However, I'm almost done machining the replacement parts (our shipment that didn't show up last month) and am going to take all of next week off--with plans for some time to work on these development things with my full concentration. I think that the year end shenanigans will probably end up pushing everything on our project list by 2 months.

Thanks for your interest and patience though--I'll keep updating and answering questions here!

Re: News on Upgrade Program?
December 30, 2016 12:10PM
it sounds like you guys are at that awkward place small shops often get into. Not enough work to be counted on to put on a fourth person but could definitely use some help from time to time.

It is almost imposable to find but you need someone with a full-time job elsewhere that could come in as needed.

I'd volunteer myself if it was not for the physical distance between us.

Maybe you can come up with something, we all want to see you doing the main things you need to be doing, R&D and promotion.
Re: News on Upgrade Program?
January 18, 2017 12:42PM
Hi Brian,

Posting on this thread but the question ties directly to Boris's thread titled "New Board Update for V1".

First, I think it is great you got the FABMO Upgrade Kit out the door; I have been tempted to grab one but have waited to see what happens on the upgrade front.

On that topic we all appreciate, that your entire team is heads down on several projects, the pure interest in the upgrade program should speak volumes as to the success of the Handibot and particularly the V2. Congrats!

I strictly use the Handibot as a hobbyist, and as such, my interests may be a little different from most on this forum. What I want is the Extended Length Base. I understand the ELB is an accessory for the v2 and that is why I want the v2. Increasing the work area is a major desire for me, along with easier bit changes.

I have done several different things with the v1.1, including joinery in furniture that you would struggle to do by hand or with a handheld router. The Handibot is great for those tasks and results are amazing! However, I principally use the Handibot for carving, on this fronts the 6x8 is a major limitation. Being able to move about a large piece of material is a major advantage of the Handibot, I have not seen any other product that gives us this flexibility. The Large Material Indexing Jig is great for things like Opendesk projects, but you cannot tile carvings with it, or rather, you can, but it is very difficult. The LMIJ, in my humble opinion, does not have the accuracy needed for carving, particularly as you move away from the origin.

I borrowed the concept from the LMIJ and built an aluminium frame, based on the assumption that aluminium extrusions as reasonably true. Using pinning holes along both X and Y-axis, I can somewhat more accurately than the LMIJ, manually tile, at least up to about 36"x36" but it is still not ideal. I originally had high hopes for the crawler, but the ELB looks like a much-improved solution.

So while I am certainly interested in the trade up program details, I would love more details on the ELB.


Re: News on Upgrade Program?
January 19, 2017 04:35PM
So--it wouldn't be entirely impossible to use the extended Y axis with a V1 handibot...the new design makes it a bit easier to pass the motor lead screw all the way through the tool--but I'm sure you'll be able to spot the area that would need to have a hole drilled in it to make room for the longer lead screw. You might lose a little bit of movement--an inch or so--but it would still be do-able. The rails spacing is the same for both tools.
Re: News on Upgrade Program?
January 19, 2017 06:34PM
So silly question time.

Is there a comprehensive list of differences v1 verses v2?

More to the point, with the v1 and getting the ELB working with it what am I not getting? Presume I would do the FabMo Upgrade, I still do not get z-zeroing, improved dust collection, easier bit changes, ... <please help me understand the "...">

I understand early adopting has so drawbacks. Please don't take that the wrong way! I am truly enjoying my v1 and have done and continue to do some pretty cool routing. That said we all want to get the most out of our tools/toys. In my situation I want to develop some programs for it (I am a software architect by day) so the FabMo Upgrade is likely a must.

Thanks in advance,

Re: News on Upgrade Program?
March 22, 2017 07:01PM
Hi All,

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but some of the recent information posted in the forum has made this relevant again. In particular, the pricing of the Extended Length Base as well as the upgrade cost of the Handibot have me wondering about a few things.

First, was there ever a summary posted of the differences between the v1.1 and v2? If the ELB can indeed be made to work on a v1.1, what does one lose by not upgrading?

Second, since it seems there have been a number of changes since the last post about putting the v1.1 on the ELB, is that still possible. Would the ELB still work on a modified v1.1? (Perhaps that should have been the first question!)

Anyway, that would be great info to have. Based on some of the forum postings, it seems a number of us are trying to do the cost benefit analysis.


Re: News on Upgrade Program?
March 23, 2017 10:03AM

I just made a quick model of the V1.1 on the ELB to try it out. It can be made to work with very minimal modification to V1.1 tools. Once the Y motor on a V1.1 tool is removed and the tool is taken off of its base--there is a clear path for the Longer Y motor shaft to pass through the tool. One extra step will be cutting a hole in the front plate of the tool. If you look inside the front face of your tool, you'll see a little pocket that leaves room for the current Y motor shaft--drilling that pocket all the way through would be the only modification needed.
The ELB on the handibot 2 requires the Y motor to be removed and a drive nut to be installed in its place--The metal bracket that holds the motor currently is also designed to have three holes to mount a drive nut (a change I made to the design after work started on the ELB concept). Because not everyone will have this new bracket--I'll be sending them out with every upgrade kit. The same bracket could be installed in the current motor mounting area on the v1.1 to hold a drive nut.
The only other catch that I noticed when working out the model just now is that the axis of the Y motor on the V1.1 doesn't exactly line up with the V2. V2 is higher, and slightly to the right. So the front plate of the ELB that holds the new motor--and the bit at the back that holds the journal would need to be different on V1.1 upgrade kits. No extra parts though--just a slightly different design. Just have to make sure that everyone that comes to the online store picks the right version for their tool!

As for what benefits you would gain by upgrading to the v2--I've tried to make two versions of most accessories--there is a plotter pen that will work with a V1 handibot--and laser sight and dragknife as well. The structural upgrades to the V2 provide a stiffer support for the router. I found that the high position of the rails on the V1.1 combined with their being mounting in plastic only left the tool vulnerable to vibration when cutting hard materials--or when being used to cut deep below the base of the tool. That may be a concern with the ELB because it does set the tool up about 1.5" higher than the normal base--which will require the router to be dropped to a low position.
Dust collection has changed on the V2--but I will need to create some kind of extender to allow the brushes for dust collection to be set at a level that can reach the material surface of things being cut with the ELB--so the benefit is kind of moot on the ELB for the time being.
The open design of the new tool is beneficial for bit changes and seeing your material. With the extra travel on the ELB it may be a lot easier to just move the tool out of the way to set up cuts and check on your work.

The main disadvantage will be that travel will be limited by the larger frame of the V1.1 tool. Y travel will be 19" with the current set up. I'll try to think of ways to reclaim that travel...but it will just take some pondering.

So--brief answer to your question: the ELB will be use-able with the V1.1 and earlier tools. It will be a slightly different design--and you'll lose 5" of the extra travel.

I'll keep thinking about it and may be able to add more later!

Re: News on Upgrade Program?
September 18, 2017 03:14PM
Hi Brian,

With the imminent release of the ELB, I thought I'd return to this topic and see where things stood for a V1.1 ELB? Was any further progress made with this? Is it possible to get more than the 19" you had mentioned previously? As much as I woukd like to, I don't think I can justify the cost of an upgrade to a V2 with the ELB, so I'd like to know what will be possible with the V1.1.


Re: News on Upgrade Program?
February 13, 2018 09:19AM
Hi Brian,
Please confirm if the ELB corresponds to the ADVENTURE EDITION TO LARGE SHEET TOOL UPGRADE KIT already in the store?
Thanks in advance
Re: News on Upgrade Program?
February 13, 2018 09:48AM
Yes--the Adventure Edition can be upgrades to the Large Sheet Tool base. V1.1 and earlier Developer Edition tools don't quite fit the base and will need more work before being made available as an upgrade
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