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Live online training

Live online training
January 15, 2017 12:48PM
So there's a small fleet of handibots at Autodesk that have spread themselves far and wide across the country--we decided to round everyone up for a training and Q&A session last week. It's a long video and mostly tailored to working with FabMo (Autodesk guys aren't too interested in learning vCarve!) but I thought people here might enjoy seeing what an online training might be like--and I was wondering if there would be enough people here on the forum willing to gather at the same time for something similar.

Anyway--take a look if you've got some time and let me know: [www.youtube.com]

P.S. there's a really embarrassing and somewhat funny fabmo bug that gets me around 39min into the video. We sat down to try to recreate it after the training and all the files worked flawlessly! The only thing I can think is that running the GCode file from smooth sketch somehow altered a setting that was causing the error...
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