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Measurements from Zeroes to edges of machine

Posted by Daniel Block 
I'd like to start making some jigs, but to do that I really need to better understand the measurements from the zeroes of the carving envelope to the edges of the handibot.

Does anyone have good measurements for a v2 handibot from y-zero to front and back of the handibot and x-zero to the left and right of the handibot? From what I understand it's 5" to the front of the machine. But I'm interested if people know what it is on the X-axis to each of the ends of the handles. I know I can do it myself, but I figured why reinvent the wheel if others have done it.

I made a drawing of the key dimensions of the handibot base here: [workbench.grabcad.com]

If you look in Macro #3 (The xyz homing routine) you'll see two variables at the top "x_backoff" and "y_backoff"--these determine the home position of your tool by giving it a consistent distance to back off from the hard stop during the homing routine. If your 0,0 position is not aligned precisely to the points on your base plate--these values can be tweaked to correct that.

Ok. So just so I'm clear. The tool should be zeroed against the two little arrow points on the left hand side, right? If so, then this all makes sense.
Yes--the tool should impact the hard stops during the homing routine and then drive back to a spot in line with those two points on the inside rim of the base.
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