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Handibot FS Detroit/Toledo area

Posted by RS 
Handibot FS Detroit/Toledo area
January 25, 2017 02:09PM
I love my Handibot, and it certainly got some use.

Unfortunately, some personal issues have come up and I don't really have the time or opportunity to use my machine much anymore. If someone wants to make an offer and get a deal on an Adventure Edition, send me a PM and we can talk/email.

I have the Handibot plus some accessories (large index jig, laser sight, extra spindle, etc). It already has the latest board upgrades.

** Deal Pending **

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Re: Handibot FS Detroit/Toledo area
January 25, 2017 04:53PM
So sorry to hear that! Have really enjoyed your participation on the forum...
Re: Handibot FS Detroit/Toledo area
January 25, 2017 06:42PM
What Brian said. I hope things will resolve in time and we'll see you back here.
Re: Handibot FS Detroit/Toledo area
January 30, 2017 12:52PM
Thanks to all who replied. For some reason I didn't see new messages over the weekend, but I have replied to all messages. Tool is still available I'll try to update this topic if it is gone.

I do have quite a few accessories and I'd rather sell it as a package - that will probably be a local pickup situation since I did have some questions about shipping.
Re: Handibot FS Detroit/Toledo area
February 21, 2017 05:29PM
I did see 'deal pending' but I was not sure if you sold the unit or not. If the unit is still available could you list the accessories you have for it? I am not to this whole CNC thing. I do not know where I would/should begin but am somewhat interested in the Handibot.

Thank you,
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