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Kickstarter Handibot FS Philly/SNJ

Posted by Richard 
Kickstarter Handibot FS Philly/SNJ
February 26, 2017 11:15AM
Lightly used and upgraded, I have:

  • Kickstarter HB
  • Software licenses
  • Large material jig
  • Laser sight
  • Base plate has been upgraded
  • Front guard has been upgraded
  • Homemade Z-Plate installed
  • 80/20 custom made material jig

Price negotiable, make an offer. Local pickup, rendezvous somewhere around Philadelphia or possible shipping. Photos emailed upon request.

I'm interested and Philly is within driving distance for me! I'll PM you.
Re: Kickstarter Handibot FS Philly/SNJ
April 18, 2017 01:24AM
Apologies for missing a couple PM's, I am not sure if I am set up to receive notifications. You can also email me @ ripdogs@live.com.

Thanks, Richard.
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