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Fabmo success on v1.1 Handicot circa 2015

Posted by Spugnardi 
Fabmo success on v1.1 Handicot circa 2015
March 09, 2017 11:04AM
Has anyone got success stories with using FabMo with the Handibot v1.1? I bought mine in June 2015, and that period was a transitional time as SB made decisions relating to Fusion360 and FabMo. I am using the stock vCarve with the stock controls today with no mods.

What hardware configurations will I need to make, if any? My desire would be nothing. I would be running the software on a Mac and PC.

Jeff Spugnardi
I was sent the link to the FabMo upgrade, and saw the instructions? How long did this take you to do for anyone not employed at SB?

Unrelated topic: Have you ever used with success any of the apps found here - [handibot.com]#

It seems like the only one that is live is the Picture Frame - [handibot.com] but I cannot seem to get it to save locally or on web.
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