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Cut whole directory update?

Posted by Steveibe 
Cut whole directory update?
March 09, 2017 12:37PM
I am wondering if Eric or anyone has modified the "Handibot cut whole directory" script to work with Fabmo and V2?
I am a new Handibot user and doing a lot of tiled jobs, it sure would speed up the process!
Eric was nice enough last week to promptly tweak his automated jig rail script to work with the new Handibot and hinted to me that editing code was easy. I hope eventually to be able to contribute in that fashion but it may take a while for an old General Contractor like me to learn those skills.
Thanks in advance to anyone that may be able to help !
Re: Cut whole directory update?
April 20, 2017 04:27PM
I would love to see this too. I haven't run the script yet in Fabmo, but I assume it doesn't work. I'm doing a bunch of tiled cuts too, and this would be a huge help.


Re: Cut whole directory update?
April 20, 2017 05:52PM
Ted and I were just talking about this today while he was trying to run a series of cuts for an upcoming blog post. There is an App on the GitHub page called "cookie cutter" which sorta does that--but not in the way that I think you'd want it to.

I'll see if I can find something out to update y'all with here.
Re: Cut whole directory update?
April 20, 2017 09:16PM
What does cookie cutter do? I can't find much documentation on it.
Re: Cut whole directory update?
April 21, 2017 02:15PM
Nobody knows.....................

Actually it was an app idea that I'd wanted for use in cutting out handibot accessories using my handibot. The idea was to load a selection of cut files into a list--from there I could just hit the button of the cut I wanted to make and skip the job manager and history. It was good for repetitive tasks where I was going to be moving the handibot around a sheet and repeating the same cut. Hence the "cookiecutter" name!
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