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Operation issues w/ v1.1 & FabMo upgrade

Posted by Godi226 
Operation issues w/ v1.1 & FabMo upgrade
April 05, 2017 01:22PM
I'm experiencing many inconsistencies with FabMo control of my v1.1 Handibot

FabMo software is v1.4.2 and all limit switches are registering in Input 3

Have rebooted tool, laptop and logged in/out of software all several times with no remedy.

- "SET MY XYZ HOME" rarely works... often ratchets to -20's in XY axes

- "PARK LOCATION" often slams into set coordinates and throws everything out of alignment

- Have experienced tool start from Home position and dive thru material into spoil board before I can SHUTDOWN

- Simulated toolpaths in Vcarve Pro cut as designed, but once transferred to FabMo... I've experienced more than 75% of my projects corrupted and had to shutdown...

Not sure what to do.... Need Help!!!

Very frustrated,

When you're testing your limit switches are you manually pressing them, or moving the tool to see if it triggers them when it reaches the end of travel in each axis? Just wanting to check--because if the tool itself is not triggering the switches, then it would continue to drive into the negative while searching for that pulse from the switch.

The settings for the "park location" can be edited in the preferences tab of the fireup app. Check in there just to be sure that those values are set to something that looks correct. My tool has them set to X=3, Y=7, Z=1.5--when I'm all homed out correctly, these shouldn't cause any collision or loss of position.

Is the drive through material happening when you're running a toolpath? or on startup of the tool?
If it is happening during a toolpath--how deep is the cut supposed to go compared to the extra plunge that it is making? Is the tool losing position in the Z axis by moving up and hitting the end of travel in that axis at the beginning of the file? What happens if you set your Z=0 point somewhere above the surface of the material?

Is the error message in fabmo saying that your toolpath is corrupted--and is it locking up fabmo and forcing you to restart?
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