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Error 57

Posted by rengized 
Error 57
April 08, 2017 09:18PM

Looking to make a replacement piece for one of our machines. I made the drawings and started to proceed cutting the piece out. The material is a White Delrin Acetal resin sheet 1 inch thick. I choose a 5.5 x 7 tile export with 6 different tiles.

The cuts look fine and start off well but once its starts getting into the meat for like 10 seconds later will create a common error 57. I replaced the cord to the Machine and even moved working from the garage to the house thinking maybe there could be power issues. Sometimes it runs longer than other runs but I need to completely reset The Z-axiz everytime and start from the beginning. I spend more time resetting the machine tand cutting air than material.

I have a flat up cut 1/4 inch bit for soft and hard plastics. Its set to 9 levels of cuts with a speed of 2 inches per second.
I'm thinking that maybe slowing it down to 1 inch per second might work to help prevent the error 57. I haven't tried it yet but was going to tomorrow. Any insight into the error would be appreciated.

Kind Regards
Re: Error 57
April 10, 2017 11:08AM
Error 57 is a communication error between your computer and the tool (this is an SB3 system that communicates over UScool smiley. It is most likely caused by electrical noise from the router running on the tool itself. The best way to avoid it is to isolate your computer from any noise. If the computer is being powered by the same circuit as the handibot--the router may be messing with the computer.

We've also found that plugging a USB hub into your computer and then connecting that to the tool's usb cable will isolate the tool from any noise being experienced by the computer.
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