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Replace your dust shoe magnets

Posted by Wazza 
Replace your dust shoe magnets
April 23, 2017 05:27AM
Being a newbie and wanting to see what my cutter is doing, I am currently running without the dust shoe. As a consequence the goop holding the magnets in place has not done it's job and most of them have fallen out. I found same size neodymium magnets on eBay, but with a countersunk hole thru' the centre, so now they are mounted with a 1/8" zinc plated countersunk head machine screw and nut. A dab of Loctite (use your wife's nail polish if you like) on the thread should hold them in place, otherwise I will replace the nuts with Nyloc ones.
Re: Replace your dust shoe magnets
April 23, 2017 03:56PM
Ack! Sorry about that--We flood those little sockets with superglue when we attach the magnets--but perhaps that nickel coating on the magnets is not porous enough to accept the bond...

Good idea on the screws though...I'd added those holes to the pockets in the bracket to give the air somewhere to go when the magnets were pressed in--but they could also be used screws as well.

www.mcmaster.com is where I go when I need a magnet right away--but if you have a week to spare-www.magnet4less.com sells them for like 1/10 the price! I'll have to check for a countersunk magnet that is 1/4x3/8 there.
Re: Replace your dust shoe magnets
April 23, 2017 03:59PM
Also--feel free to email me or post here if something like that happens! Every handibot 2 in existence is still under warranty at this point and I'd be happy send out replacement parts if something isn't working correctly.
Re: Replace your dust shoe magnets
April 23, 2017 09:00PM
Hello Brian,
I didn't lose any of the magnets. It's in their nature to not stray beyond the first ferrous item they come across!!
And I already had the magnets as I was using them as a trigger on an electronic speedometer on a motorbike.
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