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Recommend a computer?

Posted by Kingswarrior 
Recommend a computer?
April 30, 2017 10:17AM
Hello all, first of all a big thanks to all the Handibot Handiguys. I have found tech service to be A+.
The issue I am having is getting my file over to job manager. Windows 10 and Edge don't wish to cooperate.
Windows 10 also doesn't want to accept Chrome as a browser.
In short, I am going to get a dedicated CNC handibot VCarve laptop for the workshop.
My question is what do I look for?
I know I need wireless and dual core or more and Chrome is best.
But O.S? Memory? Processor? Etc?
I am thinking low cost and reconditioned possibly. Perhaps new.
I have always liked Windows 7, would dual core Windows 7 Chrome wireless be a good choice?

Thanks all, Ross.
Re: Recommend a computer?
May 01, 2017 06:18PM

I've got a windows 7 laptop with an i5, running windows and using chrome to connect to my tool. Though I've also had success with my windows 10 tablet and chrome (I wonder why yours won't let you install chrome??)--edge is a little wonky with fabmo, I agree.
Neither vCarve nor FabMo are very graphics or processor intensive to run--so you should be good with almost any current laptop.

I'm pretty sure the guy who works on the FabMo software uses linux on a macbook--and therefor that environment gets just a little bit of extra testing by virtue of being the first place that new updates are deployed. But--the OS shouldn't matter--so long as you can use firefox or chrome.
Re: Recommend a computer?
May 02, 2017 06:31AM
Hello Brian, and thank you for advice. My comp and handibot are now on speaking terms thru Chrome.
I do have a question about my Z setting though...
I've been trying to cut out a piece of wood from .75 stock.
I set my Z to .80 to cut thru.
The warning pops up, I OK it.
Also hovering over the tool path in tool path list shows setting at .80
But when I run the machine I don't get a cut thru.
I have done fire up
I have done the reset via clip and plate ( I didn't remove the 90V) but ran the clip and plate reset.
It's as if Handibot sees the material as closer than it is.
My guess is I am missing something basic somewhere in settings?
Thanks, Ross.
Re: Recommend a computer?
May 02, 2017 02:55PM

There are a couple of things to check--First I'd check that when you send the tool to Z=0 (by typing "0" into the Z position readout and hitting the "Go" button) that the bit is actually level with the top of the material. If not then you may need to adjust the offset value for your Z Zero plate. We set the offset for each tool individually in the shop here--but it is good to recalibrate from time to time. The offset can be adjusted in the "Preferences" tab in the fireup app.

Second--I'd want to make sure that the tool has enough z travel to make the plunge. There's a hard stop at both ends of the Z axis travel--and if the tool tries to plunge but hits the hard stop--then it will not make it to the full depth that you programmed it to cut.

Finally--We should have updated the homing macros on your tool before letting it leave the factory...a previous version of the macros would cause the tool to lose position in the Z axis under certain conditions. Just to be sure...you can download and install the "Handibot V2 macro installer" app from our apps page. Once you've got it installed, open the app and click "install all macros" [handibot.com]
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