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Tool changing and resetting tool length in an SBF file.

Posted by Wazza 
I have written a file to create some parts that are produced using a 1/8" end mill, and a 60 degree V bit. I have saved the toolpath files to 2 separate SBF files, but is there a way to create 1 SBF file that contains a tool change, and also allows me to reset tool length?
That will be possible in our next software update. To create a path with multiple tools, just make sure that the "output all visible toolpaths to one file" option is checked when you save your toolpath out of VCarve. Vcarve will put a toolchange notation in the code to let the handibot know it needs to change bits. Currently FabMo ignores these tool change notifications--but they will be activated in the next update!
Thanks for that, Brian. It's no biggie to create a separate SBF for each tool used, but I thought I would ask. It's one way of learning. Another is to make mistakes....
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