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Handibot stops responding

Posted by KCB22 
Handibot stops responding
May 29, 2017 03:39PM
Happy Memorial Day!

I recently received my Handibot, and am using it to perform short Vcarve cutes (~30 seconds each). I am able to perform about a dozen cuts, but then the Handibot will stop responding to commands from FabMo. I have tried reconnecting FabMo from multiple devices, but the Handibot will not respond. I am able to continue navigating through FabMo, but any time I press a button which would normally result in a prompt to get authorization from the Handibot, nothing happens. The problem resolves only after I shutdown and restart the Handibot. However, I then have to re-zero the Handibot to the pieces I am working on. Nothing too terrible, but it seems like it shouldn't be doing this.

Any thoughts on how I can resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

- Kevin
Re: Handibot stops responding
May 30, 2017 10:13AM

What kind of message are you getting from your tool when the disconnects happen? Are you getting a "waiting for fabmo" popup? If you encounter this again--try adding "/log" after the IP address of your tool to check if a log entry is available. If you can forward that to me at brian.owen@shopbottools.com I'll read through it and try to figure out what is causing the disconnects. Most likely culprit is a loose USB connection on the control card that is being shaken out when the tool runs...but the log would let me know more definitely.

Re: Handibot stops responding
June 04, 2017 02:03PM

Thanks for the quick response. I used it some more this weekend, and was not able to reproduce the issue. If it happens again then I will forward you the log.

Re: Handibot stops responding
June 20, 2017 10:32AM
Just a follow up on this--I was working on a project last night (kinda neat--a customer wanted a vise for holding little blanks for those brass stamps you use to wax seal envelopes and I was machining a set of vise jaws for holding round objects)...and I was almost done with the job when I got the "waiting for fabmo..." I power cycled the tool but had lost my position, pretty much means I have to start over because I'm never going to get it realigned perfectly and I wanted these aluminum parts to look sharp.

I know that I have a pretty shoddy wifi network in the back of my shop and I wondered if that might be causing problems. It should be just fine..because the tool doesn't need to communicate during a cut, the file is totally contained in the handibot...but I went to AP mode just in case...and re-ran the file. Had no problems, and got all the way through.

I saved a log out to pass along to software guys, hopefully to figure out what caused the tool to panic and interrupt my job. It's something that we're going to get to the bottom of...in the meantime though, I just wanted to let anyone know that AP mode can be very stable in the absence of a reliable wifi network.
Re: Handibot stops responding
July 09, 2017 08:59PM
Brian I've been seeing this exact issue a lot on my Handibot as well.... Can I provide any logs to help?
Re: Handibot stops responding
July 13, 2017 09:16PM
I just had this issue in the last 10% of a run. I was in AP mode with my laptop about 18" from the handibot. Any word on when the Fabmo update will happen?
Re: Handibot stops responding
July 14, 2017 09:08AM
The dev team just published an RC yesterday (Release Candidate) I've put it on the tools here in the shop that I use to cut out handibot parts to prove it out and make sure no new bugs have been introduced. It can be downloaded from our github page if you don't want to wait for it to be pushed as an official update--but it is still under testing.
you'll just need to .fmp file which you can then install in the updater (your fabmo IP + ":81" at the end) under software updates.
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