I just got my handibot a week ago and I came in today and made a Design in vcarve on an 8x8 section. When I exported the toolpath into Fabmo and started the job, the tool path started further to the right then it should have and by the end of the carve the bit was hitting the side of the handibot. It seems as if the bit is starting two inches further to the right than it should have been. With this in mind I calibrated my handibot again in fabmo and made sure the bit was supposed to start at 0,0 in vcarve and fabmo. I am very new to the software and CNC so any help to advice would be great. Thanks
Hey there! I think I know what's going on!

The handibot cut area is 6" x 8" (6 in the x and 8 in the y). If your cut file is on an 8 x 8 sheet, then it is going to try to travel too far in the x by exactly 2 inches.

If possible--I'd reduce the size of the cut to 6x8--or "tile" the cut in two sections. However, tiling is what I'd call an advanced technique in vcarve...so since you're new to CNC, I'd recommend taking a crack at a few smaller jobs first before trying to tile a job.

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