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tile on yaxis

Posted by rasbldrs 
tile on yaxis
November 21, 2017 05:33AM
What is a easy way to tile on the y axis on the large sheet tool, can you add tick marks on the machine?
Re: tile on yaxis
November 21, 2017 12:00PM
Yep, The groove carved into the acrylic at the front of the tool is exactly 6" from the pointer carved into the same piece. Mark through the cutout at the groove, slide the pointer to the mark, lock the tool down, start the next cut.
open | download - 4Tiling with Large Sheet Tool.pdf (248.3 KB)
Re: tile on yaxis
November 21, 2017 06:44PM
Yes I know on the x axis that is the way, but what about on the Y axis. I have a sign that is a 2 x 8 and 80" long
Re: tile on yaxis
November 22, 2017 06:53AM
Oh--man--It just occurred to me what you meant as I was driving to the shop--I'm so sorry!

When I do long things (signs in my case as well)--I just use any edge that is perpendicular to the lumber when I have the tool set in place. Probably the easiest to see would be the inside edge of the yellow plate at the front of the tool.

What I typically do is pre-mark the board with a tape measure and just slide the tool along until my chose edge meets up with my mark.
Re: tile on yaxis
March 16, 2018 05:32AM
Brian, Your pre marks are at 24" and you move from the yellow plate, you don't mark the board set the first mark at x=0, y=0 for tile 1 then move to your next mark at x=0, y=0 and so on. I have problems that I set up first mark x=0, y=0 then tile 2 move to my next mark which is 24" it does not line up if I am in the middle of a letter it is off. any suggestions.
Re: tile on yaxis
March 16, 2018 12:15PM
How far off is it? trying to figure out if the solution is tweaking something--or working on a whole new method for doing the Y-axis tile move.
Re: tile on yaxis
March 16, 2018 07:04PM
still working on it ,I am getting close at 23 5/8"
Re: tile on yaxis
March 18, 2018 07:01AM
I think I have it at 23 7/8", Don't know why my height is off
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