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FabMo Apps

FabMo Apps
February 26, 2018 02:19PM
In trying to pump more info into the handibot wiki, I've gone through all of the apps we've ever worked on here and added them to this page: [sites.google.com]

The github interface makes it hard to see which things are actually apps and don't make it obvious where to download them. I will need to go through these apps over the next week to confirm that they all work (many software updates have been applied since their initial release)--I'll at a status field below the apps after I figure out what state they're in.

"broken" apps are not necessarily dead...they might need some work that anyone with a little javascript chops could do to make them usable. I know that when I want to build an app, I go looking for a skeleton that someone else has already laid out and build my app off of that. To get at the contents of an app, simply change the file extension from .fma to .zip and "unzip" the folder. Edit what you want to change--then re-zip and rename to .fma
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