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FOR SALE- Handibot Developer Edition w/ many upgrades

Posted by Godi226 

Handibot Developer Edition

This unit was used for one project, April 2017. It's a great tool, but hasn't been a good fit for my needs. I would like it to go to a good home where it can be used consistently as it was intended, not sitting on my shelf collecting dust.

I have upgraded this Handibot with every possible option (approx. $700 worth)

- Y Axis Backing Plate v1.1

- Front Guard Kit v1.1

- FabMo Upgrade Kit (wireless controller)

- Laser Sight v1.1

- Z-zero Plate (custom upgrade providing, faster, precise Z-zeroing)

- Large Material Indexing Jig

I can provide pictures and any other information needed.

I paid $2,795 in April 2014 and added approx. $700 in upgrades. The unit's been stored in its original shipping box on a shelf with exception for the project last April. All in I've invested about $3,500.

Please send inquiries and offers to cgodi5@gmail.com.

Thank you for considering.


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Sorry to see you go!

The developer edition is still a really good tool. If anyone has been following my twitter @Brian_Handibot you'll see that I just did a custom job to upgrade another Developer Edition handibot to a Large Sheet Tool. It worked out well and I'd like to offer it as a product. If anyone wants to buy Godi's handibot and upgrade it to a Large Sheet Tool feel free to send me a PM and we can work it out.

For any other Developer Edition owners out there who want to make the upgrade--I'm going to be getting it together as a product in a couple of months...I've got a self imposed April 20th deadline for another project I'm working on so I won't be able to switch to the V1 LST upgrade until after that.
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