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Can’t update beyond 1.5.2

Posted by vegasracer 
Can’t update beyond 1.5.2
June 20, 2018 07:15PM
Howdy! I have a Handibot Adventure circa early 2016, and I’ve been having an issue updating my software beyond v1.5.2. I’ve been following the instructions in the guide “Connecting to Network Through Updater” since I just started back up after a hiatus with the machine at v1.2.0 and was having WiFi connectivity issues. I was able to update my software up to v1.5.2 via the updater but any attempt to go further to v1.6.4 results in a failed install. It will initiate the install but give a failure message a short time later.

Also, after the 1.5.2 upgrade, when I’m logged in to my network (not in AP mode) my home screen is blank... not populated with app link images like it was when I log in in AP mode.

Any insights for me? Thanks for reading.

Jeff MacDougall
Re: Can’t update beyond 1.5.2
June 21, 2018 01:05PM
Update: I re-flashed the board which brought the system to 1.4.2, then re-did the connection via updater procedure on a different pc. The updater was extremely slow once connected to my network, but I just let it do its thing and it successfully loaded 1.6.4 without problems.
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