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Posted by n1rlu 
August 29, 2018 11:12PM
Hello all, I've been looking into getting the Handibot Accessory Base, my question is to anyone out there that has it...Is it worth getting? do you like it? How do you use it with your setup, if not using for the rotary attachment.

What I'm looking to do..

I want to mount a small vise under the Handibot to machine and engrave small parts. And I'm looking for a nice way to raise the Bot up a bit so I can use this idea. I guess I could just use wood to raise it up and just machine the bottom flat and screw down a vise, but I'd like to do it the right way and have pretty good repeat-ability.. I've seen some Videos with using the base, and Aluminum t-track. I was hoping this would work for my needs.I was also wondering if anyone made up their own base type up, and if so, could you provide a picture of what your base looks like. Not so much to copy your ideas, just so I can come up with something that functions well for me..

I would also be interested in buying the Handibot Base used if someone out there has one that they no longer want or need, or even if its not in perfect shape..

Thanks all for your time !

August 30, 2018 01:10AM
I'm going to do my best to help you answer this as you are the only one who can.

I loved mine but then I used the rotory/4th axis a lot so it was worth it for me right there. As to lifting the handibot just a bit and holding your work, the base can be useful but if you are sure that you are not going to ever want to use the 4th axis I'd pass on it at this point as I know I could take some HDPE or Baltic Birch, or even some MDF and make a jig just for what I wanted to do. Of course, the problem with making a jig just for what you want to do is that often they will do that one thing very well but are not the least bit adaptable. With the base, you could make "sub bases" to do specific jobs by removing or adding things clamped down to the rails.

There is lots of "prior art" out there on the web if you will fine tune your Googlefoo. and refine your searches.

Sorry that this is in no way definitive but it really does come down to your specific needs and wants.

One last thing, the base from handibot is very well made just like the handibot it's self.
August 30, 2018 09:52PM
Mark, I think you may have helped me make up my mind.. The statement about just making a jig for one thing. Thats all it would be for, just one thing.. But the idea of having something that I can change up my setups on would be better now that I think of it..The base is 90% of what I need, everything else would just mount to it.. Maybe later down the road, I can get the rotary setup..So buying the base just for the rotary wont be my decision. It would be for the many setups I can use it for..

The base does look very sturdy, I also downloaded the step file for it as well, and thought I can just make an all aluminum base at work on my HAAS Cnc miller, But I'd rather get one that works and I can get it right away, plus I like the look of the HDPE..

So I'll wait it out for a short bit, and see if someone out there has no use for theres and wants to unload it, maybe i can get a deal on it..if not I have one in my check out cart right now...just got to pull the trigger..

Thanks for responding to my post..
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