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where can I find speed recomendations for new bits

Posted by cuervo 
where can I find speed recomendations for new bits
September 16, 2018 08:53PM
I got a itty bitty 1/32" kyocera router bit I would like to try and use but I can't seem to find the recommended speed settings for it? Where would I look or is it just a guess type of thing?
Re: where can I find speed recomendations for new bits
September 17, 2018 03:24AM
Vcarve has a pretty extensive library that works well for first guess.

A couple of rules of thumb: generally don’t cut deeper than 1x diameter. For most operations, run the router wide open. If you get any scorching your feed is too slow, too fast has an unique sound that tends to induced panic. confused smiley
V-carve didn't seem to have anything that small so I added it to it. The feed speed still seems as fast as any other even though I moved it down to 6 inches a minute. Is there a different setting I need to adjust?
Re: where can I find speed recomendations for new bits
September 17, 2018 11:40AM
Yes, I hope Brian will jump in as there are several settings either in the handibot or Vcave that can make it not respond to bit selection. He (staff) is much better than me on tracking things like this down.
I've got VCarve tool libraries that can be downloaded and installed--just a sec! I'll put them on the wiki and post the link here.
Let me know if this shows up--I did a lot of updating to the wiki over the weekend while we were taking shelter from the hurricane!

bit profile is linked at the bottom of the article.
I see where it shows the type of bit but is there a place that has the recommended speed settings I am not seeing? Thanks for the help
The link there that says "VCarve Bit Profiles" should download a ".tool" file that can be imported into you VCarve tool library--Here's a direct download link: [www.dropbox.com]

For the 1/32" bit, the recommended federate is 1.5 ips in the X and Y -- 0.5 ips in the Z
Do make the changes in the V-carve software or on the fireup area? I changed them in the v-carve but its still moving really fast.
Just to be sure--you'll need to recalculate your toolpath with the 1/32 profile selected (the one that came from the bit profiles I sent). Then re-save that toolpath and upload the new cutfile to fabmo.

Alternatively you can adjust the max speed settings in FabMo. In the configuration menu under "axis" there are max speed settings that are probably set to 360 inches per minute (the unit that fabmo uses) -- I'd set them to between 60 and 90 ipm for those small bits. I've got a doc on my wiki (getting to test the new page a lot today!! smiling smiley : [sites.google.com] This goes into more detail about the motion settings in FabMo

Also--the speed is ultimately set by the code of your file. There should be a command at the top of the file that reads something like this: "MS, 3.0,1.0" This means move 3ips in the X and Y -- 1ips in the Z. I often edit the code directly to save myself the step of reprocessing files in vcarve.
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