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anyone ever modified it for a laser cutter/etcher?

Posted by cuervo 
Just curious more then anything as I keep coming across an argon laser in my local craigs list that makes me wonder if it has been done before?
I've done it with one of the 4W kits from JTech Photonics: [youtu.be]
PWM hadn't yet been implemented in FabMo so the operation was kinda clunky. It was either full on or turned off. I got a little 24 to 12W DC converter and put it on the 24V output of the handibot power supply. There is a PWM output on the control card that should be able to control the laser output but it isn't really made available in the software at this time.
I was able to cut 3/16 Luan with it--making maybe 20 passes at high speed to keep the wood from burning.
it gives me ideas. Like I said an argon laser that from what I can tell is made for tattoo removal popped up on my local craigs list. I don't have any tattoos but I do have a cnc so it got me wondering...
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