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Deleting jobs

Posted by Steveibe 
Deleting jobs
December 16, 2018 06:23PM
Most the jobs I run are 12 tiles used with a 24x24 inch jig I made. Sometimes, oops, I want to abort the whole job. Is there a way to select multiple jobs to delete, it is time-consuming selecting individual tiles(jobs) with the lag time between each action. It would be nice if there were a trash bin I could drag the files into.
Thanks in advance, Steve
Re: Deleting jobs
December 17, 2018 11:56AM
Good suggestion Steve. In the most recent release of FabMo (1.7.0) it looks like the job delete process is pretty quick (clicking the trashcan button on jobs in the queue--However, I'd have to check more thoroughly to see how job size affects delete time.

Slightly off topic--but I did a similar study for job load-time last week and found some interesting things. The Edison seems to be able to parse 10,000 lines of code per second. So a 200,000 line job will require 20 seconds of parsing, plus 5 seconds of initialization = 25 seconds to start the file. Just a little thing I'd always been curious about--some jobs can get up to 1million lines for 3D carving...so it can seem pretty slow to start. There should be a limit at which the file can start before parsing all lines of code--but that isn't what is happening currently. Will be trying to get that running faster in future versions!
Re: Deleting jobs
December 18, 2018 01:38AM
Thanks Brian,
I also was unaware of the available update when posting my question yesterday. It looked to me like a number of people were having problems updating so I have not yet attempted it.
Re: Deleting jobs
December 19, 2018 02:42PM
Yes--unless this is really bugging you, I'd hold off on updating
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