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Tech Support Bulletins

Tech Support Bulletins
December 17, 2018 03:06PM
Hey everyone, as part of the new support website I've been working on for Handibot, I've added a page where I can quickly post news about potential support issues. There was a big one this morning with our 1.7.0 release of FabMo. Changing the tool's units from "inches" to "mm" causes a loss of tool settings, which requires a factory reset to recover.
I'll be posting updates to the support bulletins page as we get a fix in place for this error...just thought you'd all like to be aware that there was a place for news on potential issues: [sites.google.com]
Re: Tech Support Bulletins
December 18, 2018 10:52AM
Just wanted to provide an update to the unit switching issue that was discovered yesterday. Our software guy found the source of the issue yesterday and created a new build of FabMo--it can be downloaded from here: [github.com]
I would only recommend it to people that are already on 1.7.0 and want to use metric mode on their tools. This is a quick fix to that issue but does not offer any other improvements over earlier versions.
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