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how to make a big wedge

Posted by cuervo 
how to make a big wedge
February 19, 2019 07:01AM
I am wanting to make a set of wedges that I can push in under the piece I am working on in the long plank jig that will push the work piece up onto the bottom of the handibot to help hold the work piece in place. I want to make the first two pieces only a 1/4" thick, but 6" x 10", and then make others that would be 1/2", 3/4" thick to allow for different thicknesses of wood. How do I make a wedge that is 6" x 10" with only a 1/4" rise on the 6" side?
Re: how to make a big wedge
February 19, 2019 08:30AM
Good question...No other shop tools are coming to mind right now that would do that easily.
You could cut it with the handibot in two cuts on a larger piece of wood. Either you’d model it and toolpath in vcarve...
Or...there’s a real simple bit of ShopBot code you could run to cut it:

SO,1,1. (Turns On spindle)
Pause 2 (waits for spindle to get up to speed)
START: (Initiates a “loop” in the code)
J3,6,0,0.25 (moves into position at front left of handibot)
MZ, 0 (moves down onto material)
M3,0,0,-0.25 (cuts a 6” long line with a -1/4” slope)
MZ,0.1 (moves clear of material)
MY, 0.01 (indexes the tool slightly in Y for next pass)
ZY (zeroes y axis—this will allow us to loop through the code)
GOTO START (restarts loop)

This will continuously cut a 6x0.25 slope in a piece of wood, indexing by 0.01” after each pass. It might take a while, but just let it run until you’ve got enough of a wedge to be useful.

I’m sure there’s a more proper woodworker-y way to do this but this is what came to mind this morning!
Re: how to make a big wedge
February 19, 2019 10:29AM
I don't mind if it take the bot a while to make it but where do I put this code in? This will be a first, always learning something here of course
Re: how to make a big wedge
February 19, 2019 10:53AM
There is a code editor on the FabMo dashboard--it is the little "pencil" icon. Select "OpenSBP" as the language from the dropdown. Paste in the code (minus my parenthetical comments of course) and choose "Execute Immediate" from the other dropdown.

I'd recommend trying it without any material under the tool first to make sure that it works!
Re: how to make a big wedge
February 19, 2019 01:40PM
is that going to make the slope along the x, or Y axis. I would like the wedge to be as long as possible.
Re: how to make a big wedge
February 22, 2019 05:48PM
That will make a slope along the Y axis so it will be 8" wide
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