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Brian out of office til 5/19

Brian out of office til 5/19
May 10, 2019 12:15AM
Just wanted to give a heads up that I will be away from my computer until 5/19 -- if anyone needs support--feel free to post here and help each other...but also remember that you can reach ShopBot support at : support@shopbottools.com
see y'all soon!
Re: Brian out of office til 5/19
June 02, 2019 12:28AM
Has anyone heard from Brian? He last tweeted on the 17th then nothing.
Re: Brian out of office til 5/19
June 02, 2019 08:51AM
Mine tinkit him go walkabout.
Re: Brian out of office til 5/19
June 02, 2019 10:40AM
Already done the walkabout : [www.brianowenphotography.com]
Though it may be time for another!

Mark, I'm here -- and I saw your email last week. I'd been putting off replying until I had time to pull together the CAD files and other info you were curious about. For everyone else's info -- Mark has been interested in using his rotary axis with his Handibot Bridge Edition tool. The Accessory base that allows the rotary axis to work with the Adventure Edition tool is much too small for the larger 24" Bridge Ed. I'd thrown one together for a customer who had paid for some custom work as part of their order -- and wanted to share the designs so others could recreate it.
I don't quite have the bandwidth at the moment to give it the attention it requires if is going to be a real product -- but am happy to share what I've done.

Today being the first quiet day I've had in a while, I'll work on digging up all the old files I've got and will share them here for Mark and others.
Re: Brian out of office til 5/19
June 02, 2019 11:18AM
I’m just glad you are okay! Had a friend in another circle who went quite and when we tracked him down he was in the hospital in a coma! I tend to be a bit paranoid now!
Btw he’s out and continues to recover.

Also,while I’m glad that Shopbot continues to do well, I hate that the Handibot has not done better. As Handibot’s official fan boy I’ve always thought it should be the most popular hobby grade cnc.

The Handibot was my very first smart tool and since then I’ve developed a full personal maker space. I still find it to be one of my most versatile.
Re: Brian out of office til 5/19
June 02, 2019 03:33PM

Handibot is still my favorite of the ShopBot tools -- mostly because there is so much unique stuff that could be designed for it. Here's a recent weekend riff on trying to get a cheap 5-axis head to work with it: [www.youtube.com]

What do you think affects Handibot's popularity compared to the Bantam (othermill) or Nomad or Carvey? I feel like they were all trying to bring CNC to the 3D printer fans and made tools that looked kinda like 3D printers -- and they all went with the moving table model. The handibot is a lot more like a miniature gantry tool with the control box mounted on the gantry. We even sent it mounted to a piece of MDF that would act as the "spoilboard" on a full-size ShopBot. Maybe a vise mounted under the cutter to show that the tool can be used like a mini-mill?

A couple things I'd like on the handibot--dual Y motors ... in order to get an open bottom on the tool, you have to move the Y motor out of the center (in a moving table tool, it'd be centered directly under the table) -- moving the Y motor to the side limits the length of the X axis because you'll get unacceptable deflection at extreme X positions if the Y motor is too far away. Dual motors would let the X axis be any size.

I want removable control box -- like it would just clip into the back of the tool, you'd plug in your motors, router and sensors. The most common support need for tools is electronics and it is almost impossible to diagnose over the phone. Better to just overnight a new control box to anyone with a burned out power supply -- they swap it out and mail us the old one. Less trouble for them, less trouble for us, less back-and-forth in support trying to figure out the problem.

One that we've actually implemented is an integrated screen on handibot -- the tool can be used without any additional devices. When you turn it on, a screen on the tool loads FabMo and you just get off to work. I like that a lot and would like to polish that idea a bit, make the screen unit more compact, less expensive, etc...

Touch sensitive z zeroing as standard -- we've got the "quick-bit" as an option, but I'd like it better if it were built into the tool base. You'd have to give the X more travel so it could move the tool over the z zero plate -- but you could have a simple mode where the tool automatically zeroes the bit before each cut without the need to attach a metal clip to the bit (another common problem that puzzles new CNC users is z zero issues).

Re: Brian out of office til 5/19
June 02, 2019 11:37PM
>>>>What do you think affects Handibot's popularity compared to the Bantam (othermill) or Nomad or Carvey?

I’ve thought about this all day and I think that I may be uniquely unqualified to answer this.

I mean I choose the Handibot twice over other cnc projects.

I think a lot of things factor in but I’d love to hear from someone who seriously considered the Handibot but went with something else.

For some, the prospect of saving a few hundred bucks makes it worth it to them to assemble a box of parts. For others they only see the project in front of them with no insight into what might be needed for future projects.
Take indexing for example, Vcarve handles this extremely well and it can extend the usefulness of a limited sized machine greatly but I think most people overlook this. Ted and you guys get this, both the Bridge and the simi full sized Buddy are based on intelligent indexing. Most gantry machines don’t even mention this capacity.
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