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importing slt files

Posted by cuervo 
importing slt files
November 22, 2019 09:13AM
I downloaded an stl file from etsy I wanted to use and following this video I was able to open it.


It shows up as a layer now, but there is no image vector that shows up to select. What am I doing wrong?
Re: importing slt files
November 23, 2019 03:50PM
I have tried messing with it for the past 24 hrs but its still the same problem. I can import it and set up the size and everything, but then after that its gone. I can see that it has a layer made for it but I can't see anything to set up after that.
Re: importing slt files
November 25, 2019 04:34PM
I had a customer stop by with this issue a couple weeks ago -- and what we discovered was that his model was SO huge that it when we looked at the drawing in vcarve it looked like nothing was there. In fact we were looking at a tiny flat area of the model. We went through the import dialog again and made sure that the scale was set to a reasonable size (like the model was 4" wide, not 200" wide). I know you've already checked the size of the model, but it may be an issue like inches vs. mm
Re: importing slt files
November 27, 2019 12:16AM
I think it was something similar. I think I was trying to make it too tall or something but after watchging a different vid I was able to get it . Thanks. for your time.
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