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Vertical Mill

Posted by Bmilanowski 
Vertical Mill
December 02, 2020 12:25PM
Is there a way to run the router and move it without programming the cut? Use the Handibot as though it was a vertical milling machine?
Re: Vertical Mill
December 02, 2020 01:46PM
The software doesn't allow for the manual controls to be used while the router is powered on -- What I've done in the past when I've needed this function is to plug the router directly into a wall outlet and just turn it on while doing the manual operation. The connector on the router in your tool isn't something that you could just pick up at the hardware store though -- which would make it hard to make an extension cable to plug the router into the wall. The alternative would be to buy an off the shelf DeWalt 611 router and pop it into the handibot in place of the normal router -- plug it in and turn it on.
Re: Vertical Mill
December 13, 2020 06:28PM
I appreciate the workaround!
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