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New Owner of a Used Handibot with a few Questions / Issues

Posted by Blyn3D 
Hello All,

I just recently purchased a used HandiBot that is an Adventure Addition I believe, it has an Edison board in it.

I have attached an image of my current project, I am trying to get the HandiBot to operate on top of a Legacy Orminmental Mill. So far so good I think. The stepper motor I am using is probably a lot underpowered, but I do not know how lager of a stepper the Handibot can drive, any ideas?

The second issue tripping me up is that increasingly the Handibot will stop working in the middle of a long carve, as in over twenty minutes. The toolpath the Handibot is failing on currently is a simple leveling pocket in prep for a more complex 2.5D carve. Sometimes the control tablet shows the Handibot thinks it completed the carve, other times the coordinates are totally off in regard to where it actually stalled out. Obviously, I had to, and I am still, adjusting the X-axis setting of the Handibot, but I do not know how that would affect the Handibot's ability to complete a task.

When I first got it going it was able to carve the test carve installed on the Handibot, carve your own path. Anybody else ever have an issue like this?

Finally, I've heard talk that the future Handibots will ship with something other than an Edison board. Any picks if my issues continue as to a replacement for the Edison?
I have seen a youtube on someone doing a simple swap that changed it to LinuxCNC, which I have no experience with but I do elaborate carvings that can take many hours to complete so reliability is important to me.

Any insight would be great and thanks in advance for your time,

open | download - HandiLOM.jpg (3.63 MB)
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