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Update with no internet connection

Posted by Kaei78 
Update with no internet connection
September 29, 2021 06:04AM

I am Karsten and hope to find some help here.

I would like to update my Handibot which runs currently a "dev" software.
"Dev" is being show in the screen right next to the Update Fabmo and Update Firmware button.
So I guess this is the current software Version. Screens look different from Pdf for Update to 1.6.

What I tried so far is:
1. Clicked the bothof the update buttons and selected the "fabmo-engine_linux_edison_v1.7.2.fmp" file.
After more than 10 minutes of waiting nothing happend.
Version still showing "dev".

Problem is that the system is so unstable. Once I enter the screen for manually moving the machine I can´t close it. Needs a full restart.
Now the machine is totally blocked and not reacting at all.

1. Is there a way to update machine without internet, with a USB Stick where the *.fmp file is on?
2. How can I see if the update is happening? Is there a progress bar, some kind of indication?

BR Karsten
Re: Update with no internet connection
October 13, 2021 04:29AM
can anyone give me a hint how to get the Handibot going again?
Is there no way to do the update with an USB Stick?

Just attached a picture from the screen showing that the machine is still in "dev" Version.

I can´t get any further now.
open | download - Handibot Dev Version_small.jpg (435.4 KB)
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